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Alpha testing and Beta testing explained

What is Alpha testing?

During alpha testing developers and a small group of testers (usually other employees within the company) will test the software.

They will look for any problems and give feedback so that the development team can fix them. 

Alpha testing will happen in a controlled environment that is similar to how it will be used when it is fully released. This is to try and replicate an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible. 

Alpha testing helps to identify and fix issues early so that when the software is released for general use, it works seamlessly.

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What is Beta testing?

Beta testing is the next step after alpha testing, where the software is tested by a larger group of external users who usually make up the audience who will actually use the product. 

Beta testers are usually volunteers or selected users who are willing to try out the software before it’s officially released.

The purpose of beta testing is to simulate real-world usage to let the testers use the software as they would if it was generally released. 

After trialling out the new software, beta testers will then give feedback about their experience with the software, including any bugs, usability issues, and any suggestions on how it can be improved.

Beta testing can often involve multiple rounds, with the development team releasing updated versions of the software based on the feedback received from earlier rounds.

The feedback collected from users during beta testing helps the development team to make any final tweaks and improvements to the software before its official launch.

Overall, beta testing helps ensure that the software meets the needs of its users and is at a stage where it can be released for general use.