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Alpha testing and Beta testing explained

Alpha testing is when development checks for any issues, while beta testing brings in real [...]

What is SIP trunking? How it works and what you need to know.

SIP trunking is a way of making calls and other communications (video, messaging etc) over [...]

What is a BYOD policy?

A bring your own device (BYOD) policy is an agreement between the employer and employee [...]

Your guide to Telecoms, a complete A-Z glossary

This guide to telecoms has been created to help you navigate your way through the [...]

Call queue enhancements

We're pleased to announce the latest eve release, which brings you a more seamless and [...]

How to see device status on the eve platform

How to set up holiday schedules in eve Voice

To set up holiday schedules go to the schedules page and select 'bank holidays'. Then [...]

The UK is upgrading to digital

Upgrading to a cloud phone system [...]

New Missed Call Reporting for eve’s cloud phone system

User guide for eve's new Missed Call Reporting Dashboard. [...]

3 ways call intrusion can help you deliver brilliant customer service

Talk to your service provider about activating call intrusion for specific users. [...]