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Blog 12. 11. 20

Staying safe while working from home

Security at work has always been essential in every business, especially when it comes to staying safe online, but how does that work now that many of us are working remotely?

Unfortunately, the freedom of working from home, or anywhere outside of the office, does increase the need to be vigilant around cyber security. This doesn’t mean that you can’t work as safely as when you were in the office – you just need the right solutions in place.

A modern hosted phone system, like eve, can offer enhanced security and peace of mind, by protecting users from fraudulent activity. Exceptional Call Protection is a key feature of eve, which monitors your call patterns and volumes to scan for any particular high-risk categories, such as premium rate calls. It is even possible for eve to block any outbound calls, if suspicious activity is detected.

Using a solution like eve will provide the reassurance you need to relax, safe in the knowledge that your business is protected, no matter where your staff are located.

Take a look at this feature in more detail, here.

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