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My voice needs to be heard everywhere. Your customers will love my story and together we will change the way that business works.

Every business will want to hear about me, so why not find out more about how you can be my partner.

Communication has not just evolved; it has been re-born and now is the time to share this news with your customers.

Partner Information

Everyone wants something exceptional to say when they meet their customers, so why not introduce me to them, so they can meet the most compelling new hosted voice product on the market.

I have a dedicated partner programme, so that I can share all my secrets and help you to win new business, including sharing enquiries for my services. Around me, I have many experts to guide you. There will be incentives and lots of marketing ideas and support, plus commercial advice and help with pricing.

I choose my partners with care, so it is important that we get to know each other a little more. See if you recognise yourself in the descriptions below, then make the first move.


I am willing to engage with a small team of select distributors, who have an appetite to add something exceptional to their business.

Would your established PABX portfolio benefit from the addition of an exceptional hosted voice alternative to make sure your business partners don’t shop elsewhere?

Perhaps you have a specialised vertical market that would benefit from my capabilities?   Maybe your own partner network are looking to you for an innovative addition to their cloud portfolio?

There can be little doubt that my cloud based neighbours are challenging the traditional world of tin and plastic.  Hardware will remain a profitable business for many years, but change is constant, so why not find out more about me?


You probably have an existing Communications or IT Services business with your own brand, which you are looking to modernise and grow.

You own your customer relationships and are likely to  run in house support, billing and credit control operations, although I can help you with those if you need me to.

Perhaps you have experimented with hosted voice in the past and found it unfit for purpose?  Maybe you are currently selling an incomplete, or unreliable hosted voice portfolio from a one size fits all service provider?  Are you losing out on hosted voice business to your competitors?

My voice is everywhere, so now is the right time to say hello and find out how I can make you exceptional.

Let's connect

There are many advantages to being my partner so don’t be shy, but if you are the cautious, retiring type, then take another look around my website and check me out on some other dating sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

What do my partners say?

We may be strangers right now, but once we become friends, I am confident that you won’t want to work with anyone else. Don’t just take my word for it, get in touch at hello@iameve.co.uk to hear how my partners are benefiting.

I am everywhere

Check out my latest news. My voice is being heard everywhere, so your customers may well know about me already. Let’s make sure that you are the one to tell them the full story.