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Revolutionising customer experience for car garages

The problem…

There’s a stigma around car garages that has lingered. Will you charge me for something I don’t really need? Why can’t you give me a fixed price upfront? Is my car going to be put to the back of the queue because it’s an insurance claim?

Not only that, but garages rely on phone calls and conversations with customers. There’s generally no recorded agreement between either party and this could lead to problems down the line.

The solution…

With eve, you can offer your customers transparency through opening up a consistent and valued line of communication.

Use eve to record conversations you have with customers over the phone. For example, agreeing for work to be done on a car that’s failed its MOT, or organising a fixed price for work upfront. Previously, garages haven’t been able to prove this agreement from the customer over the phone, which doesn’t stand you in good stead if the customer refuses to pay up.

You can also video conference your customers to show them live where problems may be, or even just to let them know they’ve passed their MOT. This reinforces the transparency being offered by the garage and therefore customers are more likely to come back and use them again.

The benefits of video and conferencing doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s to keep in contact with external suppliers or to liaise with insurance agencies, eve’s Collaboration feature allows for easy document share, conferencing and instant messaging.

The best part

You can use eve wherever you are, on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, whatever device you choose!