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How to ramp-up communication in retail

The problem…

The retail industry is built around customer service, supplier relationships, numerous staff and many overheads.

Being on your feet all day can be the least of your problems working in retail. There’s that task lists of customer requests and queries that has built up, there’s suppliers you need to chase, there’s staff that need briefing and there’s the cost of keeping in contact with other sites.

Not only that, but the ever-increasing threat of protecting the data of your customers can be lurking in the background.

The solution…

A fast-pace environment such as retail craves a solution like eve in order to help your communication run smoother.

eve’s ability to offer centralised admin saves time for your colleagues and reduces the security risks of sending confidential documents and data between sites.

Because of the long hours involved in working in retail, eve’s Collaboration feature can help to ensure that your colleagues are up-to-date with ongoing tasks. You can add tasks, update them with comments, assign them to team members and sign them off when they’re complete. This is increasingly important where job roles overlap.

You can link all of your sites together using one phone system. This allows different sites to call each other for free using extension numbers, just as you would in the same building.

The best part

You can use eve wherever you are, on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, whatever device you choose!