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How can Recruitment Consultants be more efficient?

The problem…

As a recruitment consultant, you’ll know a lot of your day is eaten up with travelling here, there and everywhere. You need to make time to go and see your clients – visit their offices, get a feel for the company so you can sieve through candidates and find the perfect fit.

Finding the perfect candidate can be just as time-consuming. Trying to arrange meetings with candidates when they can get time off from work sometimes seems impossible.

The solution…

With new technology – eve – you can communicate from wherever you are. You can share files into a central location, so you or any of your team can access them, why not set up folders for different candidate types where everyone can access them?

You can even edit these files live on screen and at the same time as the person you’re conferencing with. So if you need to edit CVs or update job specs, it can be done quicker than ever.

eve also has a fully functional task list. Where you can create streams for different projects and log individual tasks, allocate them to team members, add notes, upload files and set deadlines. This is an effective way of never letting a task slip, even in the busiest of times. This is extremely effective especially in the instance where job roles are shared.

The best part

You can use eve wherever you are, on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, whatever device you choose!