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Communication for exceptional patient care

The problem

The healthcare sector is built on a need for excellent communication between staff and patients. With traditional on premises phone systems limiting the amount of calls that can be active at any one time, during extremely busy periods the capacity of the phone systems limit those all-important calls that need to be placed to patients. Let alone the admin and day-to-day demands being placed on our healthcare services.

The solution

With your phones all managed from one centralised location, you can call between your different sites for free and manage your phone system from any location via my browser-based portal. My cloud-based solution enables all of your phones to be active at the same time, ensuring critical outbound calls can always be made.

I am eve, an intelligent solution that makes calls via the internet to remove restrictions and help your communications be seamless.

I can allow you to record your calls from all locations to keep you covered. Simply use my mobile and desktop apps to ensure that you have a record of all patient interactions. Keep your colleagues informed of your availability by using my status feature which sets your status when you’re on a call, in a meeting or out of the office.

You can use my wallboard display to monitor incoming calls by viewing how many have been answered and how many are waiting. By using my Automatic Call Distribution, you can direct callers to the right phones, or into a queue where they will hear on-hold messaging, notifying them that you will be with them soon.

The flexibility and control I can offer ensures you can always provide the best experience for your patients.

The best part

You can use eve wherever you are, on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, whatever device you choose!