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A perfect solution for the Professional Services sector

The problem…

Professional Services is an industry made up of experts. Your customers trust you with their finances, their decisions or even their personal lives. So with things so crucial to them in your hands, they’re demanding, they want updates, feedback and guidance more than you have time to offer. Maintaining an excellent relationship, building trust and reliability is fundamental.

The solution…

I can make it easier to communicate with your customers. With my conferencing feature you can keep your customers up-to-date regularly, without having to arrange and travel to frequent meetings. Meet wherever you are via video link. If you have a list longer than your arm of admin tasks, reminders and updates you need to keep on top of, my task manager can help. I can keep track of all of those to-dos in an easy, straightforward list. Delegate tasks to team members and set deadlines. Easily share the latest documents and instant message your colleagues about ongoing projects, all in one place. In your industry, you need to make sure you’re always covered. Call Recording is essential for ensuring you’re covered in the event of a dispute. Have a record of your conversations, easily record them from your desk phones and use these recordings for training purposes.

The best part is

You can access everything you need from wherever you are. So, you can be flexible and don’t have to call the office every time you need something.