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A perfect solution for busy Estate Agents

The problem…

Being an estate agent isn’t like most jobs. You’re out and about all day, popping in and out of the office. It must be hard to keep track of what you need to get done and to remember all the client requests you’ve received while you’re out. Not only that, but the cost of calling between offices must add up over the months.

Whether it’s commercial or domestic property, your customers need to be updated regularly. Holding down the day job while trying to sell or buy a house isn’t easy.

The solution…

Why not keep in contact with your clients whenever they’re free to do so via video or audio conferencing. This can allow you to speak to your clients more regularly, making them aware you’re keeping them front of mind.

This feature allows you to keep your existing numbers or select new ones. Maybe you want the number you’re calling to feel more local than you really are, with eve you can select numbers from any place in the UK.

You can keep track of tasks, instant message your colleagues, share and edit files while you’re out and about between viewings. Whether it’s from a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can keep on top of your admin to ensure that you don’t have a pile to get through when you’re back in the office.

eve’s Multi-site feature allows you to link all of your sites together using one phone system. This allows your different sites to call each other for free using extension numbers, as you would in the same office.

The best part

You can use eve wherever you are, on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, whatever device you choose!

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