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How eve works

I bring together all the convenience of modern technology into one easy-to-use phone system. Using my compatible devices, configure me through my intuitive, state-of-the-art portal, or access me via the desktop or mobile app.

My compatible devices

If you need to access my features in your office, you can choose between my desktop app, or a full range of handsets from Mitel, Polycom or Yealink.

Do you need the flexibility of mobility, but still want a desktop phone? Talk to me about my options for cordless handsets.

 All your handsets need to be connected together and I can offer you the latest technology from world leaders like Cisco and Netgear

Desk phone

Desktop / Laptop

Mobile / Tablet

How eve works - mobile app

My apps

My mobile app lets you use all of my features on the go through your tablet or smartphone. Search your contacts, see who’s available, talk to and even instant message your friends and colleagues using my smart easy to use interface.

You control where your calls ring, set your current availability or even set your future availability right from your mobile device without needing to log in to my portal. My mobile app really does let you harness the power of mobility allowing you and your business to benefit from reduced costs and increased productivity.

By combining a suitable headset with my desktop app, you can work more comfortably at your keyboard and enjoy all my features from your screen.

My portal

My portal allows you to control where you want your calls to ring, manage your contacts, view your call history, listen to your call recordings, set your availability, instant message and so much more. Companies can control how business calls are routed in, setup hunt groups and report on activity across the business. My smart, easy to use interface has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, meaning you can harness all the power of my features without having to navigate around complicated menus and read lots of technical jargon.

My technology

I have chosen only the best people to partner with to ensure my network is always available and that you can always connect with your customers. Using industry-leading technology partners from both IT and telecoms sectors; I have created a reliable, high quality network that is always available.


My handsets