exceptional voice everywhere

Hello, I’m eve.

I am an intelligent hosted IP telephony service that helps you to communicate clearly with whoever you need to, wherever you are.

Hello, I’m eve!

I am an intelligent cloud-based IP Telephony Service; I provide the highest voice clarity on every call, everywhere. I am highly flexible, uniquely straightforward to use and always there.

Your business is no longer restricted to one place. It is everywhere and so am I. Together we are exceptional everywhere!

What sets me apart?



Cutting edge technology means that I work the way you want me to.


Unsurpassed voice clarity means you’ll be heard whenever and wherever you need to be.


Released from the desk, I have the freedom to work alongside you wherever you are.

How can I make a difference?

How can I make a difference?

Call queue enhancements

We're pleased to announce the latest eve release, which brings you a more seamless and [...]

How to see device status on the eve platform

How to set up holiday schedules in eve Voice

To set up holiday schedules go to the schedules page and select 'bank holidays'. Then [...]

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